David Lavelle

An introduction to… image restoration

Image restoration has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Where dark room techniques were laborious and unpredictable Photoshop has revolutionised the workflow. All kinds of tools and filters make the job of restoring and colour-grading vintage images much easier.

If you’re looking for a high quality, value-for-money solution to fix your old photos then drop me a line. You might have vintage photos stored in your loft or an old photo album, or you might run your own business and have an archive of photos you’d like freshened up for a new audience. I have over twenty years experience using Adobe Photoshop to scan and restore images to professional-level quality. Much of my work entails mastering photography for use in magazines, campaigns and websites.

I’ve picked up a lot of tricks and fixes in those twenty years, and by way of demonstration I’ve remastered a vintage photo so you can see what I can do.┬áHead over to the Victorian Tea Party to see before/after images of a restored photograph and a commentary on some of the challenges I encountered along the way.

As I still have a full time job I do this kind of work in my spare time. Prices will depend on the extent of the required restoration, and I can offer 10% off ten or more images. All fees will include the cost of a DVD-R master disk and one safety copy, and all images are safely archived on my system. If you want the restored images uploaded to Dropbox or delivered to you via cloud-based file-sharing services I can do that too.

I look forward to hearing from you.