David Lavelle

Adult Social Care

Health and Social Care Connect.

Corporate Identity for this contact centre partnership between Adult Social Care and Health.

Standard Information Leaflets: 2013/14 editions.

Design and art direction, based on a set of ideas by a colleague. Illustrations by Bill Donohoe.

Commissioning Grants Prospectus 2013.

Top: Online-only interactive PDF. The origami concept was developed with the client as a metaphor for innovation with limited resources.

Bottom: Posters for a meeting of various stakeholders. Each one was positioned in a key location at the venue.

East Sussex Innovations Fund.

Online-only interactive PDF. Encouraging imaginative funding opportunities for social care.

Carry On Seniors!

Empty-belly posters for Older People’s Day 2011.


Developed for a presentation given by an Assistant Director. Originally designed for the department’s ‘Local Account’ publication.

Public Health: The East Sussex Drink Debate.

Identity and printed material for this partnership consultation.