David Lavelle

East Sussex Learning

‘East Sussex Learning’ is a new identity which brings together the training teams in each department under a new umbrella image. The intention is to position the service as a business-oriented entity.

The identity is client-facing (ie: internal staff and selected external clients), and enables teams to promote themselves to their customers without the need for a restructure of their existing arrangements.

The visual standards are extrapolated from the corporate identity guidelines for East Sussex County Council, and make use of the existing fonts and colour swatches, whilst adding a new logo incorporating a symbol and wordmark for promotional use.

A wireframe ‘möbius strip’ is the focus of the logo, indicating a loop of continuous learning and left-field, original thinking.

Simple geometric / wireframe shapes, and diagramitic illustrations continue the theme created by the logo. Bright, neon colours underpin the imagery, and add a specific colourway to each area of the training business, which is also indicated by a simple strapline above each document title.

Logo, positive and reversed.

Any colour can be applied to the black, as long as it remains legible and refers to a specific area of the organisation.

Basic colour palette.

Includes the three main areas (Personnel, Adults and Children’s Services), along with suggestions for other non-specific areas of business.

Pages from the Style Guide.

The system was designed to be flexible, and encourages a variety of illustrative approaches. ‘Pelican Originals’ and electronic music album covers provided some inspiration for the logo and style of illustration.