David Lavelle


South East Creative, Cultural and Digital Support (SECCADS) is a two-year business support programme, developed by seven partner organisations (including East Sussex County Council) in the south east region of the UK. It is designed to support Creative, Cultural and Digital Businesses from 2018 to 2020. I was briefed to design an identity for this enterprise, and provide a set of customisable templates for the various partners to use in their communications and documents.

The logo is based on design systems common to the 1960s and 70s art and design scene, using simple Swiss and slab typography. This kind of design ethic is found in places as diverse as The Southbank Complex, The Barbican and other public buildings. I’m particularly fond of those venues, and greatly admire the utilitarian simplicity of their designs. I had a lot of fun designing this logo.

The logo in positive and reversed. Colour can be applied in various Microsoft Office applications. This flexibility was a key part of the brief.

Pages from the style guide. The templates include a page border, extrapolated from the logo, which can be used on covers and coloured up in the same way as the logo. It also includes a transparent area so photography can be dropped in behind the logo assets.