David Lavelle

Services 2 Schools

Services 2 Schools are a public sector business-to-business group offering a one stop shop for responsive, professional, high quality services for the education sector. The group oversees a family of teams and services operating across Business, Personnel, Infrastructure and Education. ‘Back office’ services cover HR & Payroll, IT, Energy and Financial services, while ‘classroom’ services assist with raising standards through support for school leaders, and support for the most vulnerable in schools via Inclusions services.

The group’s public sector ethos and breadth of talent and experience are what sets them apart from their competitors in the commercial marketplace, and these were key elements in the design brief. Their corporate identity needed to establish them as a colourful, vibrant and serious presence in their area of business, and give the teams a streamlined and attractive presence at trade fairs and online. Since the group identity was introduced the Services 2 Schools team have hosted a well received annual conference and have attended an out of county exhibition and conference to establish their presence in the wider marketplace.


Website design and art direction.



Annual Conference, January 2017:

1. PowerPoint ‘welcome’ screen and team presentation slide template.
2. Display banners for the conference venue foyer.
3. Display banners for the conference marketplace.
4/5. Display banner and leaflets for the conference marketplace, co-branded with the Schools Library and Museum Service, another service identity.
6. Marketplace pod wraps.
7. A3 double-sided marketplace guide.
8. A4 and A3 signage.
9. Business cards.

Out of County Conference, June 2017:

1. A3 double-sided delegate information leaflet.
2. Large format display posters.
3. A4 and A3 posters and flyers.
4. A4 delegate information booklet.

Reusable tension-fabric exhibition display panel (front and back).

Neil Slack, Services to Schools Manager, kindly sent me some feedback about his experience of working with me on this project.

“Having worked with David on a number of projects over the last couple of years, from the design of simple flyers to a complete rebranding of our service, I have been consistently impressed at both the highly polished nature of his finished work, and the passion and enthusiasm with which he has approached each new project. David is perceptive enough to be able to understand and translate a design brief into an end product that perfectly meets our business needs, plus he is not afraid to offer (constructive) creative challenge to push for the very best and strongest design at times when other designers might opt for the middle ground and a better chance of client approval. In short, David is always a pleasure to work with and his services are highly recommended!”