David Lavelle

Schools Library & Museum Service

I was asked to design a new identity for this traded service, enabling them to widen their market and increase their visibility at trade events. The service is allied to Services 2 Schools, an identity I also recently designed. The service enables teachers to bring lessons to life with historical artefacts, giving pupils a museum experience without leaving the classroom.  The service has a wide range of items for schools to borrow to support curriculum learning, and also loans high quality books to enrich all styles of learning.

Schools Library and Museum Service – logo (positive and reversed).

Display banner and publicity leaflets for a Services 2 Schools event.

Packaging labels for loan of books and museum items.

Development work.

The new identity was inspired by national British museums. Their iconic typography and focus on their own holdings influenced our design. We developed an ampersand icon, to hint at the multiplicity of holdings available for loan. Much of the development work focused on large format display materials, reflecting books and museum artefacts.