David Lavelle

Through A Glass Darkly

Experiments in polarisation

Psychedelic time tunnels can have a big effect on a child’s imagination. Back in the 1960s & 70s Bernard Lodge struck terror into children of David’s generation with the first five title sequences for Doctor Who (to this day much celebrated design classics). The materials he used to develop the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker sequences included polarising filters, stretched polythene and a light box. Fascinated by the dramatic possibilities of using such simple materials, David created some abstract art quite different from his usual subject matter. Mr Lodge is now a print maker of considerable flair and talent, and David was delighted to meet him at an art fair in 2010 and thank him for his contribution to all those childhood nightmares! (Sold not-for-profit.)

Published 29 March 2012.

Full colour throughout, 78 pages.

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