David Lavelle

Transport for the South East

Transport for the South East (TfSE) is a partnership to improve the transport network and grow the economy of the whole South East area. It covers an area stretching from the English Channel to the border of London, and from the Kent coast to Berkshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The design concept riffs on fondly remembered transport identities, such as Transport For London, British Airways, British Rail and National Express. The red, white and blue palette and italicised typography continue the British and forward-looking flavour common to those logos. The concept is both nostalgic and modern, utilitarian and playful. The arrow device represents the south east of the UK, the region covered by the TfSE partnership, and the points of the arrow suggest connectivity to the rest of the UK and abroad. The arrow also points in the direction of the region.


Social media channels.

Map defining the geographical reach of the partnership.


PowerPoint template.

Exhibition wraparound display panel (front).

Exhibition wraparound display panel (back).

DL leaflet (inside and outside).